Live Streaming Video

  • Highest quality Flash video available instantly worldwide
  • Customized live experience on a custom live portal on your own site
  • Live flash video anytime / anywhere
  • Mobile video for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices available.
  • Use multiple bit rates to reach every viewer
  • Full scale analytics so you will always know who is watching
  • Viewers can “talk back” with social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter

OnDemand 24/7

  • Viewers can watch or listen to your content any time
  • Your live broadcast available within 24 hours of completion (many times available within minutes)
  • Messages organized by series / date / speaker in a searchable, user-friendly interface
  • Messages can be shared by email or subscribed to through RSS
  • Flexible podcasting of audio and video files
  • Can be fully integrated or hosted on your online campus

World Class Distribution

  • Worldwide distribution network provides fast connections for viewers anywhere
  • Servers reside in data centers around the world along side big names like Amazon, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Network consists of a ringed, redundant architecture made up of multiple 150 Gbps connections
  • Connect with people across town or around the world, streaming media provides viewers with an participatory experience, it’s the next best thing to being there!

Site Integration

We offer several options for integrating video into an existing website or creating your Online Campus as an independent site. Everyone has their own unique needs and we work with you personally to make sure that the integration with your site or the creation of a new Online Campus fits your  style. Please contact us for information about integration options.

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